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                            The demand for these dogs has increased and the need is apparent in both rural and urban areas.
Our clients include singles, families and retirees.

A professionally-trained personal protection dog should first of all be a good companion and deterrent to crime. Many of our clients have burglar alarm systems for their homes, however, they realize that the alarms are only a deterrent and do not prevent crime as a trained dog is able to do. They also appreciate that the dog is mobile security, ready to provide protection during walks, in the car or motor home, or at work. There is clear justification for the use of protection trained dogs by the individual citizen for the preservation of person and property. As with any right, however, there are corresponding obligations to guarantee that the right or privilege of owning a personal protection dog not interfere with the rights of others.

Protection trainingWhat are the differences between a Watch Dog, Personal Protection Dog, Guard Dog and Police Dog?

A Watch Dog is a dog that alerts its handlers (family) to the presence of people coming into its territory by barking or acting in an agitated manner. Many working and herding breeds show natural instinct in Watch Dog skills. Obedience, sociability and control skills must be trained. A trained Watch Dog should bark, threaten and growl while on duty in a home, enclosure or on a running line. A trained Watch dog is sociable and completely obedient and loyal to the handler. Many Watch Dogs make excellent family pets.

A Personal Protection Dog is a dog that protects its handler from harm by another person. A Personal Protection Dog is trained to apprehend a person on verbal command or in response to aggressive body language. The dog will do this by intimidation and bite work. The dog has complete obedience, sociability and control skills. Many Personal Protection Dogs will perform Watch Dog skills. A good Personal Protection Dog is also a good family dog, with some restrictions.

A Guard Dog is a dog that, either by training or by temperament, works a fenced area by alerting to the presence of any persons and responds with indiscriminate bite work. A Guard Dog has no sociability skills and may or may not respond to its handler. A true Guard Dog is not recommended for a home situation.

Police Dogs are trained to attack and use force and are reliable in all "real life" situations. These dogs should only be trained and handled by competent law enforcement personnel - men and women who "work" and train daily with their canine partners. Police Dogs are selectively chosen for inherent characteristics and possess genetic traits that should only be directed by professional handlers. This 24-hour professional relationship is one that your family pet will probably not experience.

This does not, however, mean that your family pet cannot be trained to protect you and your family. But do be aware that if you own a dog that has completed a protection program, you educate yourself with a thorough understanding of correct handler techniques. Such a dog requires commitment from all members of the family, if it is to accomplish its assigned tasks.

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Relaxed and alert after trainingRelaxed and alert after training
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